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Wealth Tech Solutions (WTS) was established in 2006 as a supplier of capital equipment and services for the SMT industry. The company successfully developed an innovative Overhead-Rail Intelligent Logistics System (IOLS) in 2012 with in-house patented technology and software.

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Intelligent Overhead Logistics System (IOLS)

Driven by the trend of Lean Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 & Optimization of 3-dimensional space utilization, the Intelligent Overhead Logistics System (IOLS) is a transportation device (carrier) that runs on an automated overhead rail system.

  • Max Speed:120m/Min (variable)
  • Loading:30Kg (specs weight – 50Kg)
  • Capacity:500x500mm (internal dimension)
  • Power Consumption: 1 KW/Hr


Key Product Features

  • Intelligent scheduling system, dispatch optimization or defined priority
  • High speed transfer of up to 120 m/min
  • Error proof system which ensures zero defect material dispatch
  • With integration of MES system, real-time material pull could be achieved
  • Automatically updates ERP database for real-time and complete view of material status
  • Vertical transportation mode allows material movement between different floors

User Benefits

  • Eliminates excessive inventory and realizes JIT production
  • Optimizes the use of 3-dimensional space for material movement, improves space productivity
  • Reduces non-valued added cost with material transportation, saves valuable manpower
  • Reduces stoppage time due to material replenishment and improves machine utilization rate
  • Prevents wrong material dispatch or wrong material situation, improves product FPY
  • Enhances overall flexible manufacturing capability and productivity, sets foundation for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

The Correct Material arrives at the Correct Location at the Correct Time

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